Introduction to peer reviews

Registering peer reviews with us:

  • Ensures that links to these documents persist over time
  • The metadata provides relevant information about the reviews whether they were part of peer review or post-publication
  • Means these discussions are connected to the full history of the shared research results
  • Helps contributors get credit for their work
  • Makes sure the citation record is clear and up-to-date.

This metadata may also support enrichment of scholarly discussion, reviewer accountability, publishing transparency, and analysis or research on peer reviews.

Obligations and limitations for peer review registration

  1. Members depositing peer review content need to register content using the peer review metadata schema section
  2. All peer reviews must include relationship metadata linking the review with the item being reviewed (relation type isReviewOf). The item being reviewed can be any Crossref DOI, except for items pending publication. Learn more about connecting a review to the reviewed item through relations.

Other considerations:

  • References will be flagged as belonging to a peer review in our Cited-by service
  • The peer review is treated as one item only without components for its constituent parts
  • Peer review content items are not currently able to participate in Crossmark.

Membership and fees for peer review registration

Peer review posters who would like to use our registration service should apply to join as a member. We have a dedicated fee structure for peer reviews which allows for an unlimited number of reviews per associated article, combined in a single fee. Learn more about our fees.

Are you an existing member who wants to start linking up reviews? Let’s talk about getting started or migrating any existing mis-labelled content over to the dedicated peer review deposit schema section. If you’re not yet a member but want to register your review reports, please contact us so we can answer any questions and get you set up.

You can register peer reviews by direct deposit of XML - learn more about markup examples for peer reviews.

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