Metadata deposit schema

A schema is a set of rules about the statements one can make about a research object, and how one is allowed to make them. Following our metadata deposit schema ensures that all members use the same rules to create metadata about their research content. For example, contributor names must be included, and formatted in a particular way.

If you’re sending us XML directly, it’s important that you understand the schema. If you’re using one of our helper tools, the tool will turn what you fill in into XML behind the scenes, so you can skip this section and go straight to introduction to content types.

As a registration agency of the International DOI Foundation, we follow the ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registry (MDR) standard, which specifies a schema for recording both the meaning and technical structure of the data for unambiguous usage by humans and computers.

We have a single deposit schema, which supports a range of different content types. Our schema sets out how to present metadata in several different categories: descriptive (bibliographic), administrative, and structural. Explore these sections to get started, or go straight to our schema documentation.

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