Book structures

Books are divided into three categories, each requiring slightly different metadata:

  • Book: a book is single book (monograph) that is not part of a series or a set. The title-level metadata for the book is captured in <book_metadata>.
  • Book series: books that are part of an ongoing series and have an ISSN assigned should be deposited as a book series. Book metadata is captured in <book_series_metadata>, with series-specific details such as ISSN and series title captured in <series_metadata>. A series-level and volume-level title must be supplied for each book submitted as part of a series. A series-level ISBN and/or DOI may optionally be assigned. Examples of books in series:
  • Book set: book volumes that cannot stand alone as separate books must be deposited as a book set. A book set has a set-level title but does not require an ISSN. An ISBN and/or DOI may optionally be assigned at the set level. Example of a book set: Le Deuxième Sexe by Simone de Beauvoir, in two volumes: Les faits et les mythes and L’expérience vécue.

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