Registering references means submitting reference lists as part of your metadata deposit. It is optional but strongly encouraged (especially if you use our Cited-by service) and any references you include in your Crossref metadata will be made available through our APIs, including Event Data.


  • supply DOIs with your references! This is the most effective way to identify and connect the references supplied with your content metadata.
  • supply a full reference or complete marked up metadata for every citation that you do not have a DOI for - we do our best to match these citations to registered DOIs.
  • cite data, software, and other materials used to support and supplement the content being registered

Do not:

  • omit non-Crossref DOIs from your references - this eliminates data, software, and other types of citations from our records. We aren’t able to match citations to non-Crossref DOIs, but we do pass them along to our APIs and they are used by our metadata subscribers.

Review our References Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

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