Conference proceedings and papers

Our conference proceedings model supports registration of conference series, proceedings, and papers.

Conference series

You can register series-level metadata for proceedings that are part of an ongoing series with an ISSN. A DOI is not required for the series information, but is recommended.

When registering a conference series DO:

  • include the series name and ISSN in your metadata
  • register each proceedings within the series as a separate volume
  • include series-level contributors
  • register a DOI for the conference series - this makes the series cite-able and easy to identify
  • include a series number (if you have one)

Conference proceedings

When registering a single conference proceeding DO:

  • include a conference title, publisher, and publication date in the proceedings metadata
  • include a conference name in the event metadata
  • include proceedings-level contributors like editors
  • register a DOI for the conference volume
  • include ISBN assigned to the proceedings
  • include a conference acronym within the even metadata
  • supply relevant event information like date, location, number, acronym, theme, and sponsor

Do not:

  • include more than one proceeding within a single conference element

Conference papers

When registering conference papers, DO:

  • include a paper title
  • include a publication date
  • include all relevant funding, license, and relationship metadata
  • include a language (using the language attribute on the conference_paper element)
  • include all contributors
  • include abstracts (recommended for all types of content, but particularly useful for conference papers)
  • include references
  • identify the publication type (full text or abstract)
  • include article / elocation IDs

Do not:

  • register separate records for abstract and full text

Review our Conference Proceeding Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

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