Dissertation records capture information about dissertations or theses.

When registering dissertations, DO:

  • include all relevant funding, [license/schema-library//documentation/principles-practices/best-practices/license/), and [relationship/schema-library//documentation/principles-practices/best-practices/relationship/) metadata
  • include contributors metadata, including ORCID iDs and affiliation metadata
  • include an [abstract]((/documentation/principles-practices/best-practices#abstracts)
  • include identifiers associated with the dissertation - if a DAI has been assigned, it should be deposited in the identifier element with the id_type attribute set to "dai". If an institution has its own numbering system, it should be deposited in item_number, and the item_number_type should be set to "institution"

Do not:

  • use the dissertation model for versions of a dissertations published in a book or journal

Review our Dissertation Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

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