UNIXREF query output format

Our unified XML (UNIXREF) format returns all metadata submitted by the member responsible for a DOI. The UNIXREF data does not include namespaces or namespace prefixes, which are used extensively for non-bibliographic metadata.

The UNIXREF format will return deposited citations from other members. Citations will also be returned to members querying for their own deposited data.

UNIXREF schema

The majority of UNIXREF results use the unixref1.1.xsd schema (schema | documentation). Some results involving book or conference proceeding data deposited prior to a deposit schema change use unixref1.0.xsd (schema | documentation).

Example UNIXREF result

  <doi_record owner="10.1353" timestamp="2007-02-13 15:56:13">
    	<journal_metadata language="en">
     	<full_title>American Quarterly</full_title>
     	<abbrev_title>American Quarterly</abbrev_title>
     	<issn media_type=l"electronic">1080-6490</issn>
     	<publication_date media_type="print">
    	<journal_article publication_type="full_text">
      	<title>&quot;Disturbing the Peace: What Happens to American Studies If You Put African American Studies at the Center?&quot;: Presidential Address to the American Studies Association, October 29, 1997</title>
      	<person_name sequence="first" contributor_role="author">
       	<given_name>Mary Helen.</given_name>
     	<publication_date media_type="print">

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