Including MathML in deposits

MathML may be included in the title, subtitle, original_language_title, and abstract elements. The MathML namespace (mml) must be defined in the schema declaration, for example:

<doi_batch xmlns:xsi=""
xmlns="" xmlns:jats=""

Note that all MathML markup must include an mml namespace prefix:

<journal_article publication_type="full_text">
<title>Selectron production at an <mml:math><mml:msup><mml:mi>e</mml:mi><mml:mo>&#x02212;</mml:mo></mml:msup><mml:msup><mml:mi>e</mml:mi><mml:mo>&#x02212;</mml:mo></mml:msup></mml:math> linear collider with transversely polarized beams</title>

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