Dissertations markup guide

This guide gives markup examples for members registering dissertations by direct deposit of XML. You can also register the dissertations record type using one of our helper tools: web deposit form.

Dissertation records may be deposited for a single dissertation or thesis. DOIs are not assigned to collections of dissertations. The dissertation type should be used for content items which have not been published in books or journals. If a dissertation is published as a book or within a serial, it should be deposited with the appropriate record type.

Constructing dissertation deposits

A dissertation deposit requires a title, a single author (deposited as <person_name>), institution, and approval date. Degree, ISBN, and record number information may also be included.

If a Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI) number has been assigned, it should be deposited in the identifier element with the id_type attribute set to dai. If an institution has its own numbering system, it should be deposited in <item_number>, and the item_number_type should be set to institution.

See also our dissertation example XML file.

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