Setting up iThenticate for your organization (admins only)

This section is for Similarity Check account administrators only. It explains how administrators need to set up the iThenticate account for their organizations before starting to add other users.

As this section walks administrators through the parts of iThenticate that only account administrators can see, you should skip this section if you aren’t an account administrator.

How do you know if you’re an account administrator?

When you receive your email with your login details for iThenticate, log in to iThenticate and check which tabs you can see.

If you’re using iThenticate v1, you will only be able to see the Manage Users tab if you’re an account administrator.

Admins tabs view

If you’re using iThenticate v2, you will only be able to see Users on the menu if you’re an account administrator.

Admins tabs view v2

So if you can’t see Manage Users or Users, you’re not an account administrator, and you can skip ahead to the user instructions for iThenticate v1 or the user instructions for iThenticate v2.

iThenticate v1 or iThenticate v2?

There are now two versions of iThenticate available. Most subscribers are on v1, and the instruction on this website explain how to set up and use v1. Some new subscribers can start using v2 from September 2021 - we’ll let new subscribers know if v2 is appropriate for them when they apply. You can find out more about iThenticate v2 on our blog.

To work out which version you’re on, take a look at the website address that you use to access iThenticate. If you go to then you are using v1. If you a bespoke URL, https://crossref-[your member ID] then you are using v2.

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