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iThenticate v1 or iThenticate v2?

There are now two versions of iThenticate available. Most subscribers are on v1, and the instruction on this website explain how to set up and use v1. Some new subscribers can start using v2 from September 2021 - we’ll let new subscribers know if v2 is appropriate for them when they apply. You can find out more about iThenticate v2 on our blog.

To work out which version you’re on, take a look at the website address that you use to access iThenticate. If you go to then you are using v1. If you a bespoke URL, https://crossref-[your member ID] then you are using v2.

v2 Submit a document

v1 Submit a document, keep reading:

You can submit a document by simple upload, zip file upload, or cut and paste. Once uploaded, you can edit the document information.

Uploading your file (v1)

Upload a File allows you to submit a single document from a variety of document types. From the Submit a document menu, click Upload a File, and the Upload a file form opens.

Upload a file
  1. Under Destination Folder, choose the folder to which you wish to upload the file. Its Similarity Report will be added to the same folder.
  2. Complete Author First Name, Author Last Name, and Document Title fields. If Document Title is left blank, the document’s filename will be used.
  3. Click Choose File, and locate the file to upload. Use Add another file to add more files, up to a total of ten.
  4. Click Upload to proceed with with uploading the selected document(s), or click Cancel to cancel the upload.

Zip file upload (v1)

iThenticate allows you to submit multiple documents from a variety of document types in a compressed zip file. The zip file may be up to approximately 100MB in size and contain up to 1,000 individual files. If the zip file exceeds either limit, it will be rejected. Check that your zip file contains only accepted file types, and no duplicate copies of the same file.

Zip file upload
  1. Click Zip File Upload from the Submit a document menu. Choose your Destination Folder from the drop-down. The Similarity Report for the file will also be found here.
  2. The information you enter in the Author First Name and Author Last Name fields will be applied to all the documents in the zip file. You can manually change these once the document is uploaded to the folder.
  3. Click Choose file, locate the zip file on your device, and click Upload.

The title of the each document in the zip files will be the default title of each submission.

Cut and paste (v1)

Use the cut and paste submission option to submit information from non-supported file types, or to submit only specific parts or areas of a document.

Only text can be submitted using this method - any graphics, graphs, images, and formatting are lost when pasting into the text submission box.

Cut and paste
  1. Click Cut & Paste from the Submit a document menu.
  2. Choose your Destination Folder from the drop-down. The Similarity Report for the file will also be found here.
  3. Complete the Author First Name, Author Last Name, and Document Title fields. If no title is given, the default title “Pasted Document” will be used.
  4. Copy your desired text for checking, paste it into the Paste your document in the area below text box, and click Upload.

To view recent uploads, go to the Submit a document menu, click Recent Uploads, and you will see recent uploads listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Click the Date & Time header to see the uploads in chronological order (oldest first).

Edit document information (v1)

To edit a document’s information (title and author name), click the edit icon to the right of a document in a folder. You will see the Document Properties page. Edit the fields, and click Update to save your changes.

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