Private repository

This section is for Similarity Check account administrators using iThenticate v2 through the browser.

The Submitted Works repository (or Private Repository) is a new feature in iThenticate v2 which is now available to Crossref members. This feature allows users to find similarity not just across Turnitin’s extensive Content Database but also across all previous manuscripts submitted to your iThenticate account for all the journals you work on. This would allow you to find collusion between authors or potential cases of duplicate submissions.

How does this work?

You have received a manuscript from Author 1 and have decided to index this manuscript into your Submitted Works repository. At some point later you receive a new manuscript from Author 2. When generating your Similarity Report, you have decided to check against your Submitted Works repository. There is a paragraph in the manuscript from Author 2 which matches a paragraph in the manuscript from Author 1. This would be highlighted within your Similarity Report as a match against your Submitted Works repository.

v2 submitted works author match

By clicking on this match you can see the full text of the submission you’ve matched against:

v2 submitted works match clicking

And details about the submission, such as the name and email address of the user who submitted it, the date it was submitted and the title of the submission:

v2 submitted works match details

The ability to see the full source text and the details can both be switched off individually.

As with all matches, they can be excluded from the Sources Overview panel or you can turn off matches against all Submitted Works from the settings:

v2 submitted works match switch

Setting up the Submitted Works repository

There are instructions on how you can set up your Submitted Works settings in Turnitin’s help documentation.

Submitted Works repository FAQs

Q. How much does this feature cost to use?

This feature comes free with every v2 account.

Q. How many submissions can I index to my private repository?

There is no limit to the number of submissions you can index.

Q. Can I delete submissions from my private repository?

Yes. An Administrator can find and delete a submission using the Paper Lookup Tool. Go to Turnitin’s help documentation for more information.

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