The Crossref Curriculum

Cited-by participation

Here is the Cited-by linking process:

  1. Member A registers DOI 10.1234/X for article X with the following metadata: Journal=Good Science, author=John Smith, volume=21, first page=100, year=2007
  2. Member B deposits metadata for article Y and assigns it DOI 10.5678/Y. The deposited references for article Y include the following:
    <citation key="reference to article X">
         <journal_title>Good Science</journal_title>
  1. The Crossref system establishes a Cited-by relationship between articles X and Y
  2. Member A later sends a query asking who cites article X and is given the DOI for article Y and its metadata.

Currently only the member who owns an item may ask for the Cited-by data about that item. So in the example above, member C could not inquire about the Cited-by relationship of articles X or Y. The order of events may vary from what is shown in this simple example, for example, step 2 could occur before step 1. The Crossref system is set up to handle this by ‘remembering’ the citation in article Y and will establish the relationship whenever article X is ultimately deposited.

Steps for participation in Cited-by

  1. Deposit references: References can be submitted as part of a metadata deposit or as a reference-only deposit. See adding references to your metadata record* for details.
  2. Query for Cited-by links: Cited-by matches can be retrieved via XML or HTTPS querying. It’s also possible to do this manually using the admin tool - go to the Queries tab, then the Cited-by Links tab, and search for one DOI at a time. Learn more about retrieving Cited-by matches.
  3. Once retrieved, Cited-by links should be included on DOI landing pages, as in this example:
Example landing page with Cited-by display

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson