The Crossref Curriculum


Use the grant identifier metadata schema section to register persistent identifiers (DOIs) for grants and other funding. Grant may include other types of funding, such as the use of equipment and facilities.

The metadata for each grant includes title, description, and investigator information (including affiliations), as well as funding information. Multiple grants may be included in a single XML file.

Funding types

Types of funding are limited to the following values:

  • award: a prize, award, or other type of general funding
  • contract: agreement involving payment
  • crowdfunding: funding raised via multiple sources, typically small amounts raised online
  • endowment: gift of money that will provide an income
  • equipment: use of or gift of equipment
  • facilities: use of location, equipment, or other resources
  • fellowship: grant given for research or study
  • grant: a monetary award
  • loan: money or other resource given in anticipation of repayment
  • other: award of undefined type
  • prize: an award given for achievement
  • salary-award: an award given as salary, includes intramural research funding
  • secondment: detachment of a person or resource for temporary assignment elsewhere
  • seed-funding: an investor invests capital in exchange for equity
  • training-grant: grant given for training

Learn more about our grant schema section.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson