The Crossref Curriculum

Constructing your DOIs

Prior knowledge: The structure of a DOI. This advice applies to DOIs at all levels - learn more about DOIs at different levels.

When you join as a Crossref member, we assign you a DOI prefix, and you decide your own suffix pattern. When you register content with Crossref, you also create a DOI for that content, based on the suffix pattern you have chosen.

You don’t need to include any specific or descriptive information in the DOI - that information is included in the metadata submitted when you register your content. If you do choose to include bibliographic information in a DOI string it will have no meaning within the Crossref or DOI system. Existing identifiers can also be used for the DOI suffix such as an ISBN, PII (personally identifying information), or existing internal numbering scheme.

From the prefix, you can tell which member originally deposited metadata for a given DOI. However, as content can move between members, the owner of a DOI is not necessarily the same as the owner of the prefix. Learn more about transferring responsibility for DOIs.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson