The Crossref Curriculum

Depositing full-text URLs for Similarity Check for new deposits

If you’re planning to participate in Similarity Check in the future, it’s best to include Similarity Check URLs in your deposits from the start. You can deposit Similarity Check URLs using our helper tools, or by including them in your XML deposits.

Helper tools

Metadata Manager, the web deposit form, and the OJS plugin all contain a specific field where you can add your full-text URL specifically for Similarity Check:

Direct XML deposit

The full-text URL can be included as part of your standard metadata. For Similarity Check, the full-text URL needs to be deposited within the crawler-based collection property, with item crawler iParadigms. Here’s an example:

 <collection property="crawler-based">
  <item crawler="iParadigms">

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson