The Crossref Curriculum

Getting started using the Similarity Check service

Once your organization has met the obligations of Similarity Check and been through the application process. Turnitin will send the administrator on your account a username and password to login to the iThenticate system.

The administrator is responsible for setting up and administering other users of iThenticate at your organization, and particularly for setting the structure and rules that apply on your account.

If you’re the administrator, then the Similarity Check User Guide provides all the information you need to help you log in, find your way around, and set up your interface. It’s important get everything set up how you wish before you add other users, start using it to check manuscripts, and particularly before you integrate it with your manuscript submission system.

Please read through the iThenticate User Guide carefully, and let us know if you have any problems getting started.

The team at Crossref can help you understand how to use the system, but if you encounter a technical issue (such as an error message or a bug), please contact the Turnitin team directly.


Phone: +1 866 816 5046, extension 241

To find out about outages or planned maintenance that affect the iThenticate system, check the Turnitin status page. This page displays information on service outages, maintenance alerts, or incidents related to the performance of iThenticate. You can also subscribe to the notifications feed to automatically receive updates.

Last Updated: 2020 April 8 by Laura J. Wilkinson