Recommended journal metadata

Metadata elements you need or should consider

Must have

You won’t be able to make a deposit without these pieces of metadata.

  • Journal title: the full title of the journal
  • ISSN: all ISSN assigned to the journal. If an ISSN is not available, you must supply a journal title DOI.
  • Article title: title of the article being deposited
  • Publication date: year of publication, month and day are optional but strongly recommended if you publish them

Should have

These elements are optional to accommodate differences in publication practices (not all articles have page numbers, for example) but they are essential to describing your content, and must be included in Crossref deposits if you want your metadata to be effective.

  • Issue number: issue number or descriptor (1, 2, spring, fall)
  • Volume number: journal volume number
  • Contributors: all authors of an article, including organizations that have authored an item.
  • Given name: the first name of an author
  • Surname: the family name of an author, also used for authors with a single name
  • ORCID: the ORCID iD assigned to an author
  • Affiliation: an author’s affiliation
  • Suffix: the suffix of an author (e.g. Jr., Sr., III)
  • Page numbers: page numbers are essential for identifying an article
  • Article numbers: if a work does not have ‘pages’ an article number should be deposited
  • Journal abbreviation: common abbreviation of the journal title (you can include multiple abbreviations if you have them)
  • Coden: not used for all journals but if you have it, please include it in your deposits
  • Abstracts: members using JATS may include their JATS-formatted abstracts in deposits
  • Supplemental materials: you can assign DOIs to supplemental materials as components
  • Reference lists: include lists of references in your deposits, you can (and should) opt to have them publicly distributed
  • Funding data: include funder names, identifiers and grant/award numbers in your deposits
  • License data: include license URLs and dates in your metadata
  • Crossmark: includes article status (current, withdrawn, errata info) as well as any custom metadata you want associated with your articles

Last Updated: 2016 August 4 by Patricia Feeney