Recommendations for journals

Metadata you share should be clean, complete, and accurate.

Our metadata is used for both discovery and display - your metadata should include all available citation metadata plus any funding, license, etc. data you are able to provide.

Metadata specifics:

  • Include all authors associated with an article in your metadata, along with each author’s ORCID and affiliation information.
  • Authors should be supplied in the correct order: the first author should be flagged as ‘first’, and additional authors flagged as ‘additional’. Also, although we don’t currently support numbered order for author names, the sequence in which an author is included in a deposit is the sequence the name will appear in displays using our metadata.
  • If an organization is considered the author of a document, the organization name should be included as a contributor in the aptly named element.
  • Journal article deposits should include JATS-formatted abstracts.
  • Include page and/or article numbers
  • Include month and day as well as year in publication dates
  • Make sure special characters are UTF-8 encoded
  • Make sure your page, issue, and volume numbers don’t include extra dashes
  • Deposit references for your journal articles, and allow your references to be distributed.
  • Deposit title-level DOIs for journals deposited with Crossref. COUNTER requires title-level DOIs, and they (combined with an ISSN) make your journal easier to identify.
  • Your journal title and ISSN should be consistent across deposits

Journal titles

  • You should assign a title-level identifier to your journal.
  • A distinct identifier should be created for each version of a title deposited with Crossref.
  • Any changes requiring a new ISSN should result in a new title-level identifier as well.
  • A title-level identifier should resolve to a page that displays the same title and ISSN (when available) recorded in your metadata.

Good behavior:

  • You should only create one record/identifier per item. If content changes hands, the record and identifier(s) should move to the new owner as well.
  • Publication title ownership is enforced. If you have recently acquired a title from another Crossref member, make sure we know about by following our title transfer procedures.

Last Updated: 2017 February 14 by Patricia Feeney