Metadata Plus guide

Metadata Plus is an optional service on top of our public OAI-PMH and REST APIs that metadata users can actively request. For an annual fee, it gives you machine access to all our 111231936 metadata records in both XML and JSON formats with enhanced service and features. This service provides you with with access to all supported APIs and metadata, but with extra service and support guarantees that give you a consistent and predictable experience.

For the REST API, view, track, or open an issue on GitHub if you prefer.

Our REST API documentation explains everything, including how to use your token to identify yourself as a Metadata Plus user.

Your dedicated Plus support email email address. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Here is a basic introduction to the OAI-PMH interface, with information on using your token to identify yourself as a Metadata Plus user.

If you don’t want to run specific queries but are just looking for a download of all our metadata at a single point in time, you may want a snapshot download. These snapshots are full extracts of our entire corpus in both JSON and XML for Metadata Plus users, updated monthly.

If you aren’t yet a Metadata Plus user, you may wish to check with us that this is the right service for you. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to apply using our application form. You’ll then receive an agreement to sign, and will be invoiced for the service.

Last Updated: 2018 May 7 by Amanda Bartell