The Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention journal was dedicated to advancing clinical practice, public policy, and knowledge-building related to behavioral health, health care, and forensic studies. The journal's objective was to expand research, theory-building, treatment plans, and practice developments in mental health assessment and treatment, crisis intervention, time-limited psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, coping efficacy, critical incident stress management, psychopharmacology, violence and violence prevention, psychological trauma, forensic risk assessment, suicide prevention, and emergency services. Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention was an interdisciplinary quarterly journal serving researchers, administrators, and practitioners from all disciplines addressing behavioral health and forensic concerns.

Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention is no longer in publication. Online access to this title is now provided through the archiving organizations listed below.

A Social Worker's Account of 31 Days Responding to the Pentagon Disaster: Crisis Intervention Training and Self‐Care Practices
Kaul, Rachel E.
Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention (2002),2(1): 33

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