Warnings, Caveats and Weasel Words

Most of the experiments linked to here are running on R&D equipment in a non-production environment. They may disappear without warning and/or perform erratically. If one of them isn’t working for some reason, come back later and try again.

REST API users

 2 minute read.

Open Tree of Life (NSF)

Enriched Biodiversity

Journalhub showcase journal

PLOS Extensions to Wikimedia Visual Editor




CHORUS Dashboards

PLoS Enhanced Citations Experiment

  • *Maintained by:* Adam Becker, PLoS
  • Using: Work queries and filters

PLoS ALM / Crossref DET****

PKP OJS Crossref Plugin

  • *Maintained by:* Juan, James, Bozana, PKP
  • Using: deposits (xml deposits)

Crossref Crossmark Statistics

  • *Maintained by:* Joe Wass
  • Using: Work queries, date filters, significant update filters, update policy filter

 *Crossref Metadata Participation*

  • *Maintained by:* Joe Wass
  • Using: Publisher routes, publisher feature coverage values


  • *Maintained by:* Karl Ward
  • Using: Work queries, work metadata transforms

*Cambia patent to scholarly literature citation matching*

  • *Maintained by:* Doug Ashton
  • Using: Work queries, deposits (patent citation deposits)




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