Member obligations

Thanks for your interest in joining Crossref and participating in the scholarly content network.

Here are the key obligations of Crossref members. This is a summary of (and not a substitute for) the membership terms which new members agree to on application to join.

  1. Deposit timely and accurate metadata for your content and register Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) using the Crossref system. See our content registration page for more.
  2. Continue to maintain and update your metadata and DOIs for the long term. DOIs are designed to be persistent in order to preserve the citation record, so should never be deleted.
  3. Ensure that your DOIs resolve to a page containing complete bibliographic information for the content with a link to—or information about—getting the full text of the content. (Note that Crossref never gives (and cannot give) access to your full-text - your access policy remains at your own discretion.
  4. Display your identifiers - you must include the DOI on the response page using Crossref DOI display guidelines, and use the DOI as the permanent link to the page. Your DOIs must continue to resolve to a live page long term, so you need to update your metadata if your content moves.
  5. Actively maximize links with other Crossref members by linking out from the references in your journal articles (and other content typeswhere possible) using DOIs.
  6. Pay your fees on time - members pay an annual membership fee, content registration fees, plus any extra fees for optional services. Members are also responsible for wire transfer fees. Membership fees are paid in advance, and new members pay a pro-rated invoice for their first year upon application to join. Content registration fees are paid in arrears. See our fees page for more information.
  7. You may appoint a sponsor to act on your behalf to register metadata or look up references. A sponsor can represent any number of members.
  8. You must have the necessary rights (non-exclusive) for the content you register.
  9. Crossref accepts preprints (called “posted content”) that may subsequently be formally published. The preprint must be linked to the related version of record. There are additional obligations related to registering preprints.

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Last Updated: 2017 September 29