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Ready to apply? What you will need

Make sure you’re in the right place. This application form is for those of you who wish to join Crossref independently as a member, in order to register content and DOIs and deposit metadata relating to that content.

(If you wish to join Crossref through a Sponsoring Organization instead, you’ll need to fill out a different form provided by your sponsor - please request the link from your sponsor. And if you don’t want to register content but instead are interested in retrieving and making use of the metadata that’s been registered with Crossref, then you don’t need to become a member. Please visit our metadata retrieval page for more information.)

Make sure you have all the information you need before you start. We’re going to ask you lots of important questions so we can get you set up as quickly as possible. It will save a lot of time if you can put the right information into the form now rather than having to change it later:

  • Your mailing address and your billing address - some of you will have a different address for invoices, and it’s important that we collect the right address now. The billing address you provide in this application form is what will appear on the invoice we send you for your first year of membership as part of this application process. Before you apply, check what this should be, and also whether your finance team need other details quoted on the invoice (for example, your tax number).

  • The publishing revenue of your organization - we don’t need to know exact amounts, but we use this information to decide which tier of our annual membership fee you need to pay. We only need to know about the revenue for the part of your organization that deals with publishing. if you don’t have publishing revenue, we look at publishing expenditure. Our annual membership tiers start at USD 275.00 for organizations with revenue under USD 1 million per year and go up to to USD 50,000.00 for organizations with revenue over USD 500 million.

  • Contact details for three separate people at your organization - we ask you to provide contact details (name and email address) for a range of different contact types at your organization. Make sure you have at least three separate contacts ready to cover these five roles:

    • Primary contact - will receive product and service updates plus regular Resolution Reports for the DOIs that you register with us explaining how often your DOIs are clicked, and if any of them fail.
    • Voting contact - will vote in our board elections.
    • Technical contact - will receive technical updates including DOI Error Reports and Conflict Reports, showing where you have two or more DOIs registered with the same metadata.
    • Metadata contact - will be responsible for fixing any metadata errors that we or our users uncover with your content.
    • Billing contact - will receive and pay our fees (annual membership and ongoing deposit fees). If you are a very small organization and don’t have at least three different names and email addresses to cover these five roles, please contact our membership team to discuss the best options.

Please contact our membership specialist with any questions.

Last Updated: 2018 September 14 by Amanda Bartell