Revised Fees Released

12 June 2000

The central source for reference linking Schedule of Fees for 2000

Annual membership fees

Primary Publisher Annual Member Fee
1 title, max 500 articles per year $200
2-5 titles, max 2,500 articles per year $500
6-20 titles, max 10,000 articles per year $750
21-100 titles, max 50,000 articles per year $1,000
>100 titles or >50,000 articles per year $2,000
Per Article Deposit Fee for Primary Article Metadata
Current $0.60
Back File1 (deposit after December 31, 2000) $0.10
Back File (deposit prior to December 31, 2000) $0.05
Member Retrieval Fee for Primary Content Use (for successful match, i.e. per DOI returned.)
2000 $0.05 (Waived in 2000)
2001 $0.10
1 “Back File” means content published prior to the current year
Non-Member Annual Administrative Fee/Member Secondary Use Fee
Secondary, database <100,000 records/yr $2,000
Secondary, database >100,000 records/yr $5,000
Agents (sharing and caching for multiple members)2 $5,000
Agents (acting individually for one or more members) $1,000
Libraries $500
Non-Member Retrieval Fee/Member Secondary Use Retrieval Fee (for successful match, i.e. per DOI returned)
Secondaries, Agents, Others -2000 $0.05
Secondaries, Agents, Others -2001 $0.10
Libraries (Libraries only pay the Annual Admin Fee) $0.00

2“Agents” are organizations hosting journals for members or other service agencies acting on behalf of members. An Agent acting for multiple members can look up a DOI once, store it in a local system and share it among different member publishers - this is referred to as “sharing or “caching”. An Agent looking up DOIs individually for each member (i.e. not sharing or caching) pays the lower fee.

Background on Fees

Crossref is a service run by Publishers International Linking Association, Inc (PILA), a not-for-profit membership organization comprised of publishers of original scholarly material.

  • Fees are subject to change without notice
  • Primary Publisher Annual Member Fee is based on the number of journals available online. Publishers must deposit metadata from all their online journals in the Crossref system.
  • Before retrieving DOIs for references in articles, Members must deposit the article metadata in the Crossref system. In other words, in order to link from an article, the metadata for that article must be deposited in the Crossref system so that others can link to the article.
  • Organizations with both primary and secondary divisions must pay an annual member fee plus an annual administrative fee if DOIs are used in both primary and secondary content
  • Secondary divisions affiliated with primary-division publishers will not be allowed to retrieve DOIs unless the primary-division publisher deposits metadata for its journals
  • Members and non-members may “cache” retrieved DOIs (i.e. store them in their local systems).
  • Members may appoint Agents to act on their behalf with Crossref (registering metadata, looking up DOIs). An Agent can represent any number of members

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