Joe Wass

Joe Wass

Principal R&D Engineer

Joe Wass works in Crossref Labs, cooking up new products and services and finding new things to do with Crossref's data. He is technical lead on the Crossref Event Data project, a system for collecting and distributing events that occur around scholarly publications, our contribution to the altmetrics space. He was part of the NISO Altmetrics Code of Conduct group, producing guidelines for producers of altmetrics data. He has collaborated closely with members of the Wikimedia community to improve the linking of articles in Wikipedia, and has an interest in finding article citations in unexpected places. He writes on the Crossref Blog from time to time.He is also responsible for the technical side of Crossmark, a widget to show readers information and updates about articles and the Linked Clinical Trials project, which collects and shows links between trials and the thread of articles that describe them. He also contributes to Crosref's Distributed Usage Logging and Text and Data Mining services. Before Crossref, Joe worked an agency that built applications for ethical organisations, with clients including Oxfam, WWF and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Joe has spoken at the British Library on 'Text and Data Mining with Crossref', CSV Conference on 'analyzing DOI logs for HTTPS', the Altmetrics Conference on Crossref Event Data and the Altmetrics16 workshop on 'capturing context in altmetric data'.

  • Crossref Event Data
  • altmetrics
  • Wikipedia
  • linked clinical trials
  • text and data mining

Last Updated: 2018 April 3