Luis Montilla

Luis Montilla

Technical Community Manager


Luis is a researcher-turned-publisher. He joined Crossref as the new Technical Community Manager. He will busy himself educating our community about using the Crossref API. He’ll collaborate with API users, including Plus subscribers, to help them make the most of our metadata. Additionally, he’ll partner with service integrators, such as publishing platforms, to realise opportunities to make that metadata even richer.





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Perspectives: Luis Montilla on making science fiction concepts a reality in the scholarly ecosystem

Luis Montilla, Monday, Nov 20, 2023

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Hello, readers! My name is Luis, and I’ve recently started a new role as the Technical Community Manager at Crossref, where I aim to bridge the gap between some of our services and our community awareness to enhance the Research Nexus. I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. My journey from research to science communications infrastructure has been a gradual transition. As a Masters student in Biological Sciences, I often felt curious about the behind-the-scenes after a paper is submitted and published.

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