Madeleine Watson

Madeleine Watson

Product Manager

Madeleine Watson is a Product Manager who joined Crossref in 2015 after working in the educational publishing industry. With a Masters degree in Digital Publishing, Madeleine is a native of the editorial and production environment and has developed content and features for educational platforms and learning management systems in both the Australian and the UK markets. At Crossref, she can normally be found either hunched over her laptop scouring through technical documentation or enjoying a lively discussion with her colleagues about the merits of single origin coffee. Madeleine looks after Crossref's Similarity Check and Event Data services but can also help you with any questions around altmetrics, books co-access, and the distributed usage logging initiative.

  • Crossref services Event Data, and Similarity Check
  • altmetrics
  • books co-access
  • distributed usage logging

Last Updated: 2017 October 25