Madhura Amdekar

Madhura Amdekar

Community Engagement Manager


Madhura Amdekar is a Community Engagement Manager at Crossref. Her primary responsibility is to engage with scholarly editors, publishers, and editorial organizations to develop engagement programmes that help this community to leverage rich metadata for asserting the integrity of the scholarly record. Prior to joining Crossref, she was a Senior Associate at Wiley, where she was overseeing an editor support service. Madhura has a PhD. in Behavioural Ecology from the Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru, India), for which she studied the colour-change behaviour of a tropical agamid lizard. She has a special interest in research integrity and she is based in the Netherlands. Outside of work, she enjoys reading fiction, embroidering, and traveling.


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Crossmark community consultation: What did we learn?

Martyn Rittman, Tuesday, Jul 2, 2024

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In the first half of this year we’ve been talking to our community about post-publication changes and Crossmark. When a piece of research is published it isn’t the end of the journey—it is read, reused, and sometimes modified. That’s why we run Crossmark, as a way to provide notifications of important changes to research made after publication. Readers can see if the research they are looking at has updates by clicking the Crossmark logo.

Integrity of the Scholarly Record (ISR): what do research institutions think?

Madhura Amdekar, Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Earlier this year, we reported on the roundtable discussion event that we had organised in Frankfurt on the heels of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023. This event was the second in the series of roundtable events that we are holding with our community to hear from you how we can all work together to preserve the integrity of the scholarly record - you can read more about insights from these events and about ISR in this series of blogs.

ISR Roundtable 2023: The future of preserving the integrity of the scholarly record together

Madhura Amdekar, Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024

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Metadata about research objects and the relationships between them form the basis of the scholarly record: rich metadata has the potential to provide a richer context for scholarly output, and in particular, can provide trust signals to indicate integrity. Information on who authored a research work, who funded it, which other research works it cites, and whether it was updated, can act as signals of trustworthiness. Crossref provides foundational infrastructure to connect and preserve these records, but the creation of these records is an ongoing and complex community effort.

Perspectives: Madhura Amdekar on meeting the community and pursuing passion for research integrity

Madhura Amdekar, Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

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The second half of 2023 brought with itself a couple of big life changes for me: not only did I move to the Netherlands from India, I also started a new and exciting job at Crossref as the newest Community Engagement Manager. In this role, I am a part of the Community Engagement and Communications team, and my key responsibility is to engage with the global community of scholarly editors, publishers, and editorial organisations to develop sustained programs that help editors to leverage rich metadata.

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