Shayn Smulyan

Shayn Smulyan

Technical Support Specialist

Shayn Smulyan assists members and users in getting the right metadata in the right places. Previously, he has worked in library access services at Providence College and in technical support at EBSCO Information Services. He enjoys dystopian literature and lacto-fermentation.

Shayn Smulyan's Latest Blog Posts

Metadata Corrections, Updates, and Additions in Metadata Manager

It’s been a year since Metadata Manager was first launched in Beta.  We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback from many Crossref members who made the switch from Web Deposit Form to Metadata Manager for their journal article registrations.

The most common use for Metadata Manager is to register new DOIs for newly published articles. For the most part, this is a one-time process.  You enter the metadata, register your DOI, and success!

Improved processes, and more via Metadata Manager

Hi, Crossref blog-readers. I’m Shayn, from Crossref’s support team. I’ve been fielding member questions about how to effectively deposit metadata and register content (among other things) for the past three years. In this post, I’ll take you through some of the improvements that Metadata Manager provides to those who currently use the Web Deposit form.