Susan Collins

Susan Collins

Community Engagement Manager


Susan has been with Crossref since 2008 and is part of the Member & Community Outreach Team. She works closely with our global community of small publisher members, focusing on the tools and resources that address their specific needs. She also manages the Sponsor Program which aims to make membership benefits available to smaller organizations who are unable to join directly due to financial, administrative, or technical barriers. Susan also works closely with colleagues at Public Knowledge Project (PKP) on the development of OJS/Crossref collaborative projects.


  • Crossref services Content Registration, Cited-by, and Reference Linking
  • small publishers
  • Sponsors
  • GEM program
  • membership and onboarding



Susan Collins's Latest Blog Posts

The GEM program - year one

Susan Collins, Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024

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In January 2023, we began our Global Equitable Membership (GEM) Program to provide greater membership equitability and accessibility to organisations located in the least economically advantaged countries in the world. Eligibility for the program is based on a member’s country; our list of countries is predominantly based on the International Development Association (IDA). Eligible members pay no membership or content registration fees. The list undergoes periodic reviews, as countries may be added or removed over time as economic situations change.

Refocusing our Sponsors Program; a call for new Sponsors in specific countries

Susan Collins, Monday, Feb 6, 2023

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Some small organizations who want to register metadata for their research and participate in Crossref are not able to do so due to financial, technical, or language barriers. To attempt to reduce these barriers we have developed several programs to help facilitate membership. One of the most significant—and successful—has been our Sponsor program. Sponsors are organizations that are generally not producing scholarly content themselves but work with or publish on behalf of groups of smaller organizations that wish to join Crossref but face barriers to do so independently.

Introducing our new Global Equitable Membership (GEM) program

Susan Collins, Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022

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When Crossref began over 20 years ago, our members were primarily from the United States and Western Europe, but for several years our membership has been more global and diverse, growing to almost 18,000 organizations around the world, representing 148 countries. As we continue to grow, finding ways to help organizations participate in Crossref is an important part of our mission and approach. Our goal of creating the Research Nexus—a rich and reusable open network of relationships connecting research organizations, people, things, and actions; a scholarly record that the global community can build on forever, for the benefit of society—can only be achieved by ensuring that participation in Crossref is accessible to all.

Rethinking staff travel, meetings, and events

Ginny Hendricks, Tuesday, Jun 7, 2022

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As a distributed, global, and community-led organisation, sharing information and listening to our members both online and in person has always been integral to what we do. For many years Crossref has held both in-person and online meetings and events, which involved a fair amount of travel by our staff, board, and community. This changed drastically in March 2020, when we had to stop traveling and stop having in-person meetings and events.

Crossref LIVE Brazil evoked vibrant Q&A session

Susan Collins, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018

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There has been a steady increase in the growth of our membership in Latin America—and in Brazil in particular—over the past few years. We currently have more than 800 Brazil-based members; some as individual members, but most are sponsored by another organization. As part of our LIVE Local program Chuck Koscher and I traveled to meet some of these members in Goiânia and Fortaleza, where we co-hosted events with Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos do Brasil (ABEC Brasil)—one of our largest Sponsors.

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