Checklist for platform migration

This checklist will help you ask the right questions of your content hosting service when selecting a new platform. It helps ensure that you can continue to participate with us in the way you want to after a migration—without any surprises.

You can cut and paste the bits you need for your specific needs into your RFP. But before you remove any sections, do check that you definitely won’t want them in the future; even if you aren’t planning to make use of all the options now, it’s good to know what your chosen platform will be able to do for you in the future, and whether there will be any extra costs involved.

Content types - are you able to register these content types with Crossref (using the relevant schema)? Able to register? Extra charge? Charge (if applicable)
Journal articles
Books, chapters and reference works
Conference proceedings and conference papers
Reports and working papers
Theses and dissertations
Peer review reports
Components (as part of other content)
Pending publications (accepted manuscripts)

Metadata - are you able to gather and register these important metadata fields with Crossref? Able to register? Extra charge? Charge (if applicable)
URL, publication title, authors, and dates
Funder IDs
Award/grant numbers
Full text URLs for text mining
Licence URLs for text mining
Full text URLs for Similarity Check
Relations (such as data, translation, preprint)

Other Crossref services - are you able to support these services? Able to register? Extra charge? Charge (if applicable)
Crossmark display
Cited-by display
Reference linking on journal pages

Current and backfile content Extra charge? Charge (if applicable)
Will backfile content be supported?
Will backfile content be migrated at the same time as current?
Will backfile Content Registration happen at the same time?

Crossref membership obligations and DOI best practice Extra charge? Charge (if applicable)
DOI display guidelines compliance

Contact our technical support specialists to learn more.

Last Updated: 2019 July 26 by Amanda Bartell