Content types

Crossref content types

Crossref collects metadata and assigns persistent identifiers for many types of scholarly content. There are deposit fees that vary by content type and date of publication. The content types that we currently accept are below. If you have a content type that isn’t listed please contact us.

-Journals: at the journal title and article level and includes supplemental materials

-Books and reference works: book title and/or chapter-level records, books can be deposited as a monograph, series, or set.

-Conference proceedings: information about a single conference and records for each conference paper/proceeding

-Reports / working papers: this includes content that is formally published and is published with an ISSN or ISBN.

-Standards - includes publications from Standards Development Organizations and Standards Setting Organizations.

-Datasets - includes database records or collections.

-Dissertations - includes single dissertations and theses - not collections.

-Posted content: consists of preprints, eprints, working papers, reports, and other types of content that has been posted but not formally published.

-Components: typically assigned to parts of a whole, most commonly including figures, tables, and supplemental materials for a journal article or book chapter.

Last Updated: 2017 July 7