Users of our REST API

You don’t have to sign up to anything in order to use our REST API. That means we don’t necessarily know who is using it, although we see millions of hits every day. If you are using it in your projects and would like to share, please let us know and we’ll add you to this page.

Here is a list of known projects that (to our knowledge) are using the REST API. Also take a look at some case studies on our blog.




Jisc Publications Router

Open Tree of Life (NSF)

Enriched Biodiversity

Journalhub showcase journal

Extensions to Wikimedia Visual Editor


CHORUS Dashboards

Search Crossref by funder name

PLOS Enhanced Citations Experiment

  • Maintained by: Adam Becker, PLoS
  • Using: Work queries and filters

PLOS ALM / Event Data

PKP OJS Crossref Plugin

  • Maintained by: Juan, James, Bozana, PKP
  • Using: deposits (xml deposits)

Crossref Crossmark Statistics

  • Maintained by: Joe Wass
  • Using: Work queries, date filters, significant update filters, update policy filter

 Crossref Metadata Participation

  • Maintained by: Joe Wass
  • Using: Publisher routes, publisher feature coverage values



*Cambia patent to scholarly literature citation matching*

  • Maintained by: Doug Ashton
  • Using: Work queries, deposits (patent citation deposits)

Last Updated: 2017 April 29 by Rachael Lammey