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Simple Text Query Upload Form

This form allows you to upload a simple text file containing references and have them processed off line. The results will be emailed to you in an HTML file. Here is a list of guidelines:

  - Please have one reference per line (no line breaks within a reference).
  - The system works better if your references are numbered.
  - NO Word or PDF files are accepted (".TXT" only)
  - Special characters (accent grave, umlauts ...) may be mangled in the result

Recommended use:
  1) Open your source document and copy the reference list to the clipboard
  2) Open WordPad and paste the reference list into a new document
  3) Save as "Text Document".
  4) Open the results in a browser
  5) Copy the references, including DOI links, to the clipboard
  6) Edit into your source document.


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Disclaimer: This service is intended for limited use only, and its performance and function time is not guaranteed in any way.