DUL Project working group

Distributed Usage Logging collaboration

The Distributed Usage Logging working group is the community group driving the Distributed Usage Logging project, a planned initiative between COUNTER, Crossref members, and scholarly technology & service providers. This group is exploring how to provide a peer-to-peer channel for the secure exchange and processing of COUNTER-compliant private usage records from hosting platforms to publishers. This will allow members to capture usage across a distributed environment. All data provided back to the original publisher is anonymized, preserving individual user privacy.

The objectives of the Distributed Usage Logging working group is to address the following:

  • Define a way for DOIs to advertise endpoints to which event data may be submitted, including a mechanism to specify the payload schemas that the endpoint accepts.
  • Pilot the transmission of COUNTER-usage events from platforms providing direct access to full text to publishers responsible for that full text, using the above mechanism, in a secure manner
  • Work out the “rules of the game” for the COUNTER use cases, including message semantics, responsibility for anti-gaming mechanism, etc.

What we’re working on

The DUL working group is currently testing a proof of concept for the registration and discovery of logging end-point for a DOI, including token and message envelope that allows the transaction to be identified, tracked and audited. The working group includes a cross-section of reference manager and reading environment tools (Mendeley and Digital Science’s tools: ReadCube, Papers, and Dimensions) as well as a mix of publishers and platform providers (Elsevier, Springer Nature, De Gruyter, Pub Factory, APS, Wiley, ACS, Atypon).

At present moment, the following participants have have implemented the pilot technology:

  • DUL usage producers: Mendeley, Digital Science (in progress)
  • DUL usage consumers: Elsevier.


Group Members

The group comprises some of our members as well as some third party platforms who are actively interested in participating in a secure exchange of usage records.

Chair: Chris Shillum, Elsevier
Facilitator: Christine Buske, Crossref

  • Paul Dlug, American Physical Society
  • Lorraine Estelle, Project COUNTER
  • John Chodacki, California Digital Library
  • Tara Packer, CHORUS
  • Paul Needham, Cranfield University
  • Martin Fenner, DataCite
  • David Sommer, Kudos
  • Johannes Buchmann, De Gruyter
  • Nicko Goncharoff, Digital Science
  • Oliver Pesch, EBSCO
  • Jennifer Klein, Atypon
  • Tom Beyer, PubFactory
  • Maciej Rymarz, Mendeley
  • Robert McGrath, ReadCube
  • Kimberly Tryka, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • John Connolly, Springer Nature
  • Jo Cross, Taylor & Francis
  • Genevieve Early, Taylor & Francis
  • Clara Brown, United States Geological Survey
  • Greg Hargrave, Wiley
  • Stuart Maxwell, Scholarly iQ
  • Aaron Wood, American Psychological Association

Please contact Christine Buske with any questions or to apply to join the working group.

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