Distributed Usage Logging working group

This initiative is exploring how to provide a peer-to-peer channel for the secure exchange and processing of COUNTER-compliant private usage records from hosting platforms to publishers. This will allow members to capture usage across a distributed environment with data that can be normalized.

For more information, please refer to COUNTER’s Distributed Usage Logging stakeholder demand report.

The purpose of the Distributed Usage Logging working group is to provide COUNTER with policy and technical advice. Participants in the group may also undertake testing, draft technical or policy plans and recommendations, and contribute to papers for wider discussion and approval.

Group Members

The group comprises some of our members as well as some third party platforms who are actively interested in participating in a secure exchange of usage records.

Chair: Chris Shillum, Elsevier
Facilitator: Christine Buske, Crossref

  • Paul Dlug, American Physical Society
  • Lorraine Estelle, Project COUNTER
  • John Chodacki, California Digital Library
  • Tara Packer, CHORUS
  • Paul Needham, Cranfield University
  • Martin Fenner, DataCite
  • David Sommer, Kudos
  • Johannes Buchmann, De Gruyter
  • Nicko Goncharoff, Digital Science
  • Oliver Pesch, EBSCO
  • Victoria Rao, Elsevier
  • Tom Beyer, PubFactory
  • Maciej Rymarz, Mendeley
  • Robert McGrath, ReadCube
  • Kimberly Tryka, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • John Connolly, Springer Nature
  • Laird Barrett, Springer Nature
  • Jo Cross, Taylor & Francis
  • Genevieve Early, Taylor & Francis
  • Clara Brown, United States Geological Survey
  • Greg Hargrave, Wiley
  • Stuart Maxwell, Scholarly iQ
  • Aaron Wood, American Psychological Association

What we’re working on

The group is currently focusing on two key elements in this initiative: policy and technology. In terms of the policy, in October 2016 COUNTER released their Distributed Usage Logging report on stakeholder demand. The group is also currently involved in developing the final technical specification for delivery of the end-to-end transmission and verification of usage records.

How the group works (and the guidelines)

We meet via conference call around four times a year or as needed, depending on the urgency and progress (at the discretion of the Chair and Facilitator). Everyone commits to attend all calls but may choose to send a proxy if they’re not available. Notes are circulated by the Facilitator after each call and any participants who were unable to attend a call are asked to ensure they read these and take note of any action items.

With the exception of Crossref and COUNTER staff, the group is limited to one representative from each participating organization. This can be relaxed sometimes for a topic that needs expertise from more than one person from an organization. People are free to discuss the group’s work with colleagues or any external party. People can choose to leave the group at any time but we ask for an email resignation to the Chair and Facilitator.

We can’t let participants invite colleagues or other parties to join calls unless it’s been discussed and agreed in advance with the Chair and Facilitator. This ensures consistency and means everyone maintains familiarity with both the history of the project and current issues.

Please contact Christine Buske with any questions or to apply to join the working group.

Last Updated: 2018 September 24 by Anna Tolwinska