Funder advisory group

The Funder Advisory Group was originally formed to help with the development of our funding data and Funder Registry capabilities. As those services have matured, the group has re-convened to discuss ways in which funders can take advantage of Crossref’s infrastructure to register grant metadata and engage more officially by becoming members.

Throughout 2018 the Funder Advisory met in two sub-groups: one looking at membership models for funders, and the other exploring a new schema for grant metadata. Both efforts are now reaching completion and further information about funder membership and grant registration will be coming soon.

Group participants

Chair and facilitator: Ginny Hendricks, Crossref

  • Diego-Valerio Chialva, European Research Council
  • Kevin Dolby, Medical Research Council, UK
  • Maisie England, UKRI, UK
  • Nina Frentrop, Wellcome, UK
  • Brian Haugen, NIH, USA
  • Christian Gutknecht, Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland
  • Robert Kiley, Wellcome, UK
  • Salvo La Rosa, Children’s Tumor Foundation, USA
  • Jo McEntyre, Europe PMC, UK
  • Ashley Moore, UKRI, UK
  • Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka, European Research Council, France
  • Lisa Murphy, Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland
  • Ritsuko Nakajima, JST, Japan
  • Niall O’Brien, Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland
  • Michael Parkin, EMBL-EBI, UK
  • Falk Rekling, FWF, Austria
  • Carly Robinson, DOE, USA
  • Gerald Steeman, NASA, USA
  • Michael Stebbins, Arnold Foundation, USA
  • Ginger Strader Minkiewicz, Smithsonian Institution, USA
  • Lance Vowell, OSTI, USA

How the group works (and the guidelines)

The group is by invitation only although we are always happy to review requests from additional funding organizations. Participants commit to attend all meetings by conference call, and may choose to send a named proxy if they are not available. Meeting notes will be circulated to all by the facilitator. The schedule of meetings is at the discretion of the chair and facilitator and may vary depending on whether there are relevant topics for discussion, but will not be more than one per quarter.

With the exception of Crossref staff, the group will be limited to one representative from each participating organization, unless particular agenda items or topics call for domain expertise from specific colleagues or departments. Advisory group members are, however, free to discuss the information shared during meetings with colleagues or any external party.

Please contact Ginny Hendricks with any questions.

Last Updated: 2019 February 7 by Ginny Hendricks